Hi! my name is Paras Vijan. This Page/Shop is a personal effort towards helping India overcome COVID-19 crisis from a distance. It is intended to be done by exchanging artworks for funds that will be donated to Hemkunt Foundation in India. The funds will be used to procure and provide Oxygen cylinders to victims of COVID-19.

With over 300,000 new cases each day, India and Indians are seeing their health care infrastructure get worse day by day. Through speaking to friends and family back home I have realized how grave the situation is becoming. Almost every phone call discloses a positive test or a death.Please help fulfill the need of the hour. You support will prevent many from dying due to shortage of oxygen. 

here is a link to Hemkunt Foundation's website in case you prefer donating directly to the foundation:


The fundraiser has ended... 

A very special thanks to all the people who purchased and help spread the word and to the following artists who took time and donated artworks: 

- Raymonde April

- Katie Jung 

- Jin Young Kim 

- Jacques Bellavance 

- Celia Perrin Sidarous 

- Bogdan Stoica 

- Andrea Szilasi

- Velibor Bozoic 

- Jessica Auer 

- Chih Chien Wang 

- MC Simard 

- Anouchka Renaud Eck 

- Zoe Fauvel

- Mico Mazza 

- Clara Lacasse 

- Eve Tagny 

- Susan Georgette 

- Caroline Revertera 

- Ivetta Sunyoung Kang 

- Zinnia Naqvi 

- Ludwig Ikulski 

- Mara Eagle

- Shabab Yassemi

- Charlotte Spiegelfeld 

- Monse Muro 

- Prateek Vijan 

- Zoe Fauvel 

- Alessandro Seccareccia 

- Maude Gohier Murray 

- Marisa Portolese 

- Charlotte Ghomeshi

- Amir Atouani 

- Renaud Lafreniere 

- William Daviau 

- Fazly Rabbi